Critical Choices That Change Lives

About The Book

This book is about people throughout history who overcame extreme adversity and the patterns they followed. Dan Castro conducted ten years of research into the lives of people who overcame extreme obstacles from ancient history to the present. He wanted to know if these special kinds of people were following any kind of pattern that could help explain their success.

After ten years of research, Dan concluded that they are, in fact, following a pattern, and that this pattern is both observable and explainable.

Dan put the best of the best stories into one book so that other people could see the same patterns that he saw.

The result of Dan’s ten years of research is CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES: How Heroes Tum Tragedy Into Triumph. The book won several awards and is now selling all over the world.

After the book was published, Fortune 500 companies began buying the book for their employees and asking Dan to come and give keynote presentations and speak at leadership workshops.

Dan receives emails, phone calls and handwritten letters from people all over the world explaining how the book touched their lives.

Dan is currently working on his second book INVISIBLE OPPORTUNITIES, which explains why some people in our society can see opportunities that are invisible to everyone else.

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Table of Contents

  1. Whispers From Heroes
  2. The Decision Behind the Decision
  3. It’s How You See, Not What You See
  4. When Heroes Are Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  5. Why We Look Without Seeing
  6. Heroes See from an Elevated position
  7. Heroes Focus on the Purpose on the other Side of pain
  8. Heroes Do More Than Just Face Their Fears
  9. Heroes Can See Into the Future
  10. Heroes Harvest Their Hidden Gifts
  11. Heroes Focus on Intangible Values
  12. Heroes Can See What’s Truely Sacred and What’s Not
  13. Heroes Can See the “Right Path”
  14. Heroes See the Past Differently than Most
  15. Heroes Can See Through the “Smoke”
  16. Heroes Know They Can’t See The Whole Parade
  17. Heroes See Stars Beyond Coconuts