Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever thought about starting your own business, but weren’t sure where to start?  Critical.Solutions™ offers customized boot camps for budding entrepreneurs.

Unlike other “canned” boot camps that give you a “one size fits all” business in a box, we focus on your specific needs and give you a menu of classes to choose from, depending on where you are in the business development process.

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 How to identify your passion. How to validate your business idea in the market before investing your hard earned money and time into it. How to go from concept to cash flow. How to brand your business and/or your product. How to bootstrap your way to success. How to pitch your idea to venture capitalists and angel investors. How to apply for an SBA loan, and what banks typically look for. How to spot business opportunities that are invisible to others. How to foster creativity and innovation in yourself and your team. How to conduct a cost/benefit analysis. How to write a business plan. How legendary entrepreneurs made money during the worst of times. How legendary entrepreneurs got started from humble beginnings. What to do when you are betrayed in business. How legendary entrepreneurs turn failure into springboards for success. Is buying a franchise right for you? Is joining a multi-level marketing program right for you? Marketing and Advertising 101. Growing Your Business with Social Networking Tools. How to grow your existing business. How to overcome specific obstacles in your business. How to bounce back from financial crisis. How to inspire passion in your team. Which structure is best for you. How to make your marketing and advertising stick in the minds of your customers. A speed dating session with venture capitalists. How to size up the competition before you launch. Mastermind session with other entrepreneurs to assess and evaluate your business idea. Mastermind session with other entrepreneurs to discuss critical decisions you are facing in your business.

 'How We Did It' guest speakers from specific industries

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Personalized Coaching

We know that we can’t address absolutely every problem you may be having in the boot camp. That’s why we offer personalized coaching before, during and after the boot camp for as long as you need it.

To ask about our personalized coaching packages, please email Dan Castro at: or call 512.732.0111

People Who Made Millions During the Great Depression

  • J.L. Kraft (Kraft Foods)
  • Clearance Birdsey
  • Charles Revson (Revlon)
  • Thomas Brannif
  • Walt Disney
  • Lammot du Pont
  • Gilbert Colgate
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Ole Evinrude
  • Max Factor
  • Herman Fisher (Fisher Price Toys)
  • Ernest Gallo
  • Daniel Gerber
  • Harold Stanley (Founder of Morgan Stanley)

Please email Dan Castro at:

or call 512:732-111.   Tell us about yourself and what your needs are.

The Founder of Critical.Solutions is Daniel R. Castro.

Dan is a business litigation attorney and partner in the law firm of Castro & Baker, LLP, in Austin, Texas. Dan is an honors graduate of the University of Texas School of Law. He has spent the last 25 years mentoring entrepreneurs, law students, and teenagers.   Dan has represented Fortune 500 corporations in multibillion-dollar litigation, individual corporate executives in employment disputes and small to mid-size corporations in hotly contested commercial and real estate disputes.

Dan also owns a law firm, a real estate company, a mortgage company, a property management company and is the Founder of Critical.Solutions™, a boot camp for entrepreneurs.  Dan is also a professional keynote speaker and executive retreat leader and personal business coach and motivator.

To find out more about Dan: