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Powerful!  Inspirational!  Motivational!

Dan Castro teaches people how to see the solutions that are all around them – waiting to be discovered.

“Dear Dan: Thanks for your incredible presentation today!  We laughed! We cried! But most of all, we learned!”
Anna Miller, President & CEO/Higher State Technologies, Inc.

“Dear Dan: Your presentation at Dell was very inspirational and delivered a clear ‘call to action’ that resonated with the audience. Your inspirational message at Dell provided clearly articulated techniques and strategies, and a clear call to action to help our emerging leaders tackle the tough problems ahead.”
John M. Velasquez, Director of Worldwide Procurement/Dell, Inc.

“Dan, you’re right. Taking control of your focus, beliefs and expectations was the perfect message to a group of small business entrepreneurs who fight the battle of being pulled in multiple directions every day of the week. I heard our attendees quoting from you repeatedly during the rest of our conference, and I think that is the ultimate testimonial that you delivered the right message at the right time.”
Mark Stambaugh/The Coatings Group, Inc.

The founder of Critical.Solutions Dan Castro, is a serial entrepreneur who built four companies and is currently working on a fifth.   Dan also spent five years studying the lives of legendary entrepreneurs from ancient history to present, and three years studying the evolution of the human brain to find out why some people in society can see SOLUTIONS that are invisible to others.

Dan has assembled a team of experts that will teach you how to see SOLUTIONS that are invisible to others in order to solve seemingly unsolvable problems – so you can make money in ANY economy!