What is EntrepreNeurology™

EntrepreNeurology™ is the study of how Entrepreneurs think: WHY they can make money in any economy; HOW they assess risk; HOW they are able to survive and prosper with very little resources; WHY they can see opportunities that are invisible to others; HOW they bounce back from financial crisis; HOW they make millions during severe recession and depression; HOW they foster innovation and creativity in themselves and their teams.

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The EntrepreNeurology™ online discussion group is a place where you can ask a legal question, a financial question, a tax question, or a technology question and get responses from hundreds of lawyers, MBA’s, CPA’s, computer geeks, business owners and executives that you would never meet otherwise.

You can also make product announcements, test-market tag lines, test-market logos, and titles of books and get feedback from people all over the world.

Members are prominent attorneys, MBA’s, CPA’s, business owners from every industry, computer geeks, engineers, software developers, corporate executives, college students, movie producers, and entrepreneurs from throughout the U.S.

We are a small, but exclusive group and we have members from allover the world.

Membership is free……………….. but it is “by invitation only.”

If you would like an invitation to join, please send an email to Dan Castro explaining who you are, what you do for a living, your website URL, and a short statement about why you want to join. Make sure the “subject line” of your email says “Sign Me Up Dan!” Send the email to dcastro@teknolaw.com.

In the near future, we will be conducting a Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs. Please send Dan Castro an email if you’re interested in receiving information about the Boot Camp.